Monday, November 03, 2008

This? Is God-Taunting

If you're gonna do it, play for big stakes.

Popular Vote: Obama 51, McCain 47, Wackaloons 2

Electoral Vote: Obama 326, McCain 212

(Obama wins Ohio, NC, PA; McCain wins Florida, Missouri, Indiana. Nothing else is seriously at issue here, unless I'm a wackaloon my own self.)

Senate: 59 Dems. Say hello to Senator Al Franken. Less than 58 will stun me. More than 59 will stun me and invalidate every prediction above.

House: Dems +27

I await the howls of outrage.


Sasha said...

What howls? I finally posted my predicts on my actual site. And updated my math thanks to you.

bush derangement retard said...


I've been saying stomp.

Steven said...

I am only outraged that you think of yourself as a wackaloon

Dweeze said...

I'll be posting my election predictions on Wednesday. Not to give anything away, but I'm leaning towards Obama.

Swami said...

We're still trying to send you Franken, pending the long, involved recount. He's no prize really - but better that the alternative.