Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Rob Blagojevich Hair Band Fan Club

Nah. He ain't look like a longshoremens' union shop steward to me.

God damn, I love this country. Don't you?

And, uhm, yeah, I don't blog much. What the fuck ever.

Update: Y'know, there are way too many jokes to make about this, but not only is the guy the stupidest motherfucker who ever lived until the next stupidest motherfucker who ever lived*, he was the stupidest motherfucker who ever lived, while doing it on Pat Fitzgerald's beat**. I'm thinking that plus the haircut might open this case up to a serious insanity plea.

*The "(adjective noun) until the next time" meme is probably the intellectual property of this guy, who once tried to swipe "Emiliano Heskey" from me. But I'm a better person than he is.

**And isn't this really just the Fitzmas that Pat wasn't able to give us the last time? God damn, I love this country.


Sasha said...

The Fitzmas Giftmas (Copyright that same guy) is the most special of specialness. I'm happy for Fitz too.

On another note, are we sure that is actual hair instead of a rug?

God what a stupid motherfucker.

Sasha said...

And it's looking more and more like Raaaahm gave him up. I love that the evil little bastard did him in. Apparently he didn't get how tough Chicago politis really is.

Swami said...

I'm sad you don't blog much anymore. So it's always a thrill when I click on your link and see something new! It's kind of like seeing a whale breach: rare & spectacular, but you know there is way more meat just below the surface. And I mean this in the nicest way!