Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Ginger Said On Her Holiday Vacation

daddy this iz jinjer meen ppls don't feed me i iz starvd help now can't be on tablz or rubs on faces help snd fish kthxbai

Update: She lies. However, I'm sorry, Whispers, but I did blur your cat. It was an accident.

More Update: And yeah, I promise not to do any more cat blogging.

Still More Update: Catblogging. It kills your friends' brains.

The Updating Never Ends: Kills them dead, I say.


Purplestate said...

o jinjer urso cute donworibou meen ppls hlpizonnawae!

hoozaprettikitti? Yezur! YZUR!


whispers said...

a) Ginger _never_ lies

b) there is no b)

I'm on my way, Gin-Gin!

whispers said...

(By "on my way", I mean a couple days from now. Tell her I'm driving, she'll never know the difference.)

gothmog said...

Who are you, and what have you done with Landru?

Pepe said...

Hey Landru! I'm in the blogging world now... stinkymusings.blogspot.com

And? Holy shit... we've got the exact same sofa in our basement, at least it's the same pattern. That was you living in my basement?

Swami said...

Being just slightly hung over I thought this pic was some kind of YouTube thing so I clicked on it and was rewarded with a GIANT scary cat jumping at me. I am so much more away now than I was 1 minute ago. Sheesh!

Sasha said...

I suspect when you started down this road you weren't fully aware of the ramifications. Sasha seems to have weighed in as well. http://sashaundercover.blogspot.com/2009/01/excuse-me-for-moment-but-this-is.html