Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why Elizabeth Hasselbeck Shouldn't Think

Courtesy of Sadly, No!

Yes, she really compared the issue of the origin of the universe to the design of upscale handbags. This is what's wrong with the Seahawks this season; having to deal with this ninny at family gatherings has actually made Matt Hasselbeck stupider.


GrizzlyPlaytoy4Rent said...

That's nothing. Wait until you hear her thoughts on school prayer and how it's a lot like a nice pair of black patent leather fuck-me pumps.

Anonymous said...

Whoopie should have asked her to explain wisdom teeth and appendix. ka-BOOM! the brain-matter.

I wish it was as fun to laugh at christers as it used to be, except it isn't and never was.

Steven said...

If she would have said "God designed the alligator, and Ralph Lauren turn it into a great purse with matching pumps," I would have been more impressed.

At least she has a nice rack...from a design perspective, of course.