Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Other Things

But first, some words on the previous post, which was as inside as baseball gets. Only two of you got it, and only two of you have a hope of getting it, and I didn't get it until I casually and without rancor waterboarded the post's focus. Tough.

Further, I must, in the interest of responsibility, update the previous post without destroying its tone and flow, which was in fact an homage (which more than two of you should have gotten, and which you should work on if you didn't). The update is this: the author in question isn't Japanese, he's thoroughgoingly English and has a Japanese name by virtue of having emigrated from Japan to England at a young age. All this lies squarely in the realm of fact, none of which should denigrate the beauty of my previous post. Disagree? Don't like? Don't care? Tough.

The Washington Capitals today one. Some fans are outraged, others not so much. I'm the latter. I understand that the Cup may not happen this year, and that I need to put myself in the position of begging, as I once did for a local basketball team, for an uberchampionship once in my life, and be done with my bad self, understanding that that once may not be this year (as it was not, when I did it for that gloriously, but now drunkenly and pedophiliacally coached, major college team). The Caps had nothing to give that wouldn't have kept them from an outside shot at a serious run this year AND a number of serious runs in the future.

More later--I'm interested in this thing our President did today, one that has the potential to directly affect my life.


Sasha said...

Bwahahaha! Is this a test?


Landru said...

Yes. You failed.

E7 said...

I am so very happy that the Caps didn't trade away some serious future talent for some overrated D-man or washed-up goalie. They may not win the cup this year, but the next few look pretty nice. I think they can make a nice run this year anyway with a little luck (and if Varlamov gets healthy).

They could start by waking up and winning a game tonight...

Sasha said...

No, I didn't.


Purplestate said...

Oh, Landru. You had me at "Grok!"