Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Teachers Are Best Loved Tough?

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day.

Of course, the unions strike back. I make it a habit to remind Ilse that, despite their craven efforts to knuckle under to the County, the union is her friend.

The Montgomery County Council is simply despicable, and Duchy Trachtenberg is a piece of obscene downcounty moneyhumping DINO crap. I can't find written evidence in this blog that I told you so, but Herself assures me that I told her so (during our election ritual of telling each other who to vote or not vote for), which is good enough for me. I told you so.

Sasha also tells me that it's pronounced "Ducky," not "Douchey." Disappointed? I know!

While it's distressing enough that no-account Potomac trash like Douchey thinks it has the right to dictate to our elected Board of Education, the level of stupid here is astonishing. A protracted legal fight is guaranteed; furloughs will guarantee further punishment to our school system in the form of state-imposed sanctions; and this ignorant bitch has no idea what can happen when you rile up the teachers' union here--mostly because nobody has ever been fucking stupid enough to try it. There's a reason our school system is expensive--it's one of the best in the country, and it's why we live here, Bullis Mom.

And why? Why are we this dumb? Because we're a County Council and we hate our County Executive. News flash, Douchey: When Ike Leggett manages to get himself on the same side as the Superintendent of Schools and the unions (who, as Ilse notes but didn't blog--and her first anniversary of not-blogging is nearly upon us, and come to think of it I produced her last post--have never, in recorded history, been on the same side), you're going to lose. Painfully. Embarrassingly. Legally. And, me hopes, politically.

Himself prepped us for this issue with a link a few days ago, so thankee, Himself.


ilse said...

Your wife doesn't blog because everything comes out as either a) a long-winded discourse on the theory and mythology of education or b) a shrill, bitchy screed against the realities of education and the particular institution where I work (where there has been absolutely no indication whatsoever that this is teacher appreciation week). One of those things I plan on turning into a journal article sometime soon. Not sure which one yet.

Sasha said...

Bits and bits:

I have also heard it pronounced "Dutchy" but that is just way too Reaganesque for me.

The most recent study I read said that our county had THE best schools in the country. Scary, eh? Imagine what it must be like for the other guys. And their graduates, even the "D" students, get to vote just like me and thee.

Also the Paper of Record for your local locality -- you know the one -- tells me this morning that the county council "unanimously declared its intent to break the terms of contracts with public employee unions by freezing pay and ending controversial benefits arrangements known as "phantom" cost-of-living increases. I'd provide a link but I copied that from the -- get this -- hard copy of said newsrag.

And to Miss Ilse? Blogging isn't real. You do it so you don't kill people. That's all.