Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Forgot

In addition to D-Day, and dogma-N's birfday, and the blessed anniversary of the birth of The Best Kid Evar, there's another day I keep holy here on YAMM, and this is it.

Worship. Be merry, for I am busy being corporate scum.

For those of you inclined and able to obey, I command this: Bring Me the Wheezus. She scarce, the Wheezus.
Update (17:55 7/13/2010): Ilse is correct; she took the picture, although she wasn't really supposed to admit to the entire fucking Intertubes that the picture is actually me. But then again, it's not like the entire fucking Intertubes is going to show up, either. So, image credit to Ilse. In the words of someone else, too bad she doesn't have a blog.
Also: No Wheezus yet.
Final Update: Thank you to all of you, my beloveds, for all the love, and special thanks to Sasha for being the One to hunt down my birthday wish like Tommy Lee Jones pursuing Harrison Ford. Whose birthday is also, oddly enough, today.


BDR said...

Happies! See you tomorrow night and Sunday night then Wednesday night then Saturday night! You'll own a book of poetry, o yes you will.

Sasha said...

That is quite a gift you have showered upon your followers, your minions. At least I hope you have showered.

The corporate should be following you with kilted bagpipe players today. I will indeed worship and be merry.

Can't do much about The Wheezus but nag. But boy can I nag.

Hamster Hamlet said...

Yo! You forgot to make the "Official Yoot Hand Signal" in this pic! Happy day-before-Bastille-Day! Da Cockraw Boyz say, "Whut?!" in honor of your natal day. Do you realize we have known each other for the majority o' your life? It seems like yesterday I was working for Bobby Pompadour with DOGMA-n when you took me under your wing & taught me the value of corrosive cynicism via your scorched Earth policy. My wee bro' sounds as busy as you & bdr are right now but I hope there is some double-barrel whisky in your immediate future. Now, back to my cedar shavings!

Gothmog said...

Hey! It's the photo that drove the Mutha into retirement! Delivered by the Wheezus herself! We haven't been the same since.

Happy Happy.

Jolene said...

You joined the army? Congrats!

And oh, Happy birthday of course, dood.

As for the Wheezus, I would kidnap her for you but as you know I no longer have geographic proximity.

ilse said...

Photo by me. I totally want to make sure I get credit for such a magnificent feat of artistic thingummy.

Happy fucking birthday, honey. I'm so merry I could puke up a lung.

I can bring the noise and the funk, but not the Wheezus.

Lisa McMann said...

Holy hotpants of Jesus! She here, the Wheezus, but only because of one persistent spammer.

Happy birthday! Two words: bacon chocolate.

Sasha said...

IIIIII am the persistent spammer.

Behold, the Wheezus.


(Oh, man, I'm gonna pay for that one. Worth it though.)

Sasha said...

Shall I work on making all of the intertubes show up? That would make me damn merry.

Lisa McMann said...

Yes, yes you should.

Sasha said...

You couldn't be more welcome. And thank you. I am most happy to be Tommy Lee Jones.

Swami said...

Happy Belated from an intertube minion.

I knew the pic was you before I read the comments because it looked rather like a photo I saw of you a few years ago on that gaming site.

So is Hell an abandoned basement/garage? Or is that just where Ilse keeps you when she doesn't want you underfoot?