Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sure, Whatever

Okay, after the third "Are you alive?" email of the last two days: Yes. Yes, I am. Just busy. Houseguests/tourists, and a workplace that, it appears, is way too fucking dependent Which is entirely and without qualification my own damn fault, and scandalous and shameful and a testament to my own stubborn frailties.

I'm not too busy or whiny to welcome friend D back to the blogroll, with a waggle toward bDr for discovering D's re-emergence from...wherever he was. Welcome back, D, and like I said, thanks for the jelly roll.

I'm also not too busy to send love and thanks to good pal Gimme (if you know him, you do, if you don't, you won't) for an awesome inside tour of the Capitol today for me, Databoy, and our guests. And to BooBooKittyfuck and Mrs. BBKF and all our shared friends for a great party, and to Catonsville, Maryland for an utterly remarkable small-town fireworks display, and to Sasha and Whispers (and our guests, who are Canadian, and my wife, who is not), for a perfect Fourth (which I don't boycott, because that's every bit as fucking pig-ignorant as a Lee Greenwood song), and to Albert Einstein for a most excellent street corner, and to Gettysburg for itself.

And thanks, as always, to Maya Lin for reminding me again why I lovehate her fucking wall. Into which topic I will not delve further today, because picking 40-year-old scabs is just astonishingly bad.


D said...

Thank you sir! I may explain my absence, or not.

Sasha said...

I, too, lovehate her wall. And now is not the time. Thank you for an excellent fourth also.

Sasha said...

Also please assure your inquirers that your lack of life would produce much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Which would be heard everywhere. Even Canada, which I duly blame.