Monday, August 02, 2010

Rearranging the Furniture

So I changed some stuff. Some links have moved, some have disappeared--actually, it's my most extensive housecleaning in some time. Some friends are gone, some because they haven't posted, some because I forget to read them. I added a Science link, to Scientopia, a new science blogging collective. I think that exactly one of you will care about that bit. Maybe.

And if you don't read the fine print at the top, you really should, once in a while. Because it does evolve.

I'm on vacation right now. That may mean I post stuff, and it may mean I don't. I did avoid having my vacation destroyed at the outset by a work problem. The corporate for which I tool is, from time to time, capricious (though not arbitrary), and part of my life will mutate into something not particularly welcome upon my return. Don't ask, it involves hillbillies (seriously) and a portion of our great country that is a very long way from the nearest airport that accepts passengers (and a longer way from a real airport). I can also tell you that news of this impending change made Sasha cry laughing.

Enough whine, I chose to be a tool. For now, vacation.


Sasha said...

Does this mean that you longer piss excellence? Because I thought that was the best subhead ever.

I cried laughing. For a very long time. Started laughing again a few hours later. All the while expressing sympathy (and totally meaning it) for my dear friend.

Just make sure you have an MP3 of certain banjo music on your iPod. K?

Sasha said...

Update: I see by the tag line to the right of your ever-excellent image that you do, indeed, still piss excellence. Glad to hear it.

GrizzlyPlaytoy4Rent said...

He also vomits credibility and occasionally farts innovation. But that's a story for another day.