Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I don't have anything to say. I've been away a lot, which really sucks. This week, I'm not away, but I'm recuperating, so I'm sleepy and sore from being rather massively (but benignly) invaded on Monday. Things are what things are, and I'm not writing to whine. I write today because BFF has a new place, and he seems quite proud of it, standing up with nearly perfect posture, back arched just a tad so his little boobies lead the way and his perfectly rounded caboose follows, so go give him a Hey Sailor (he invented the language, not me).

Critically: meh. He needs to figure out how pictures work in his template, and I've never been impressed with his use of color, which is not entirely pleasantly psychotropic on a good day and a nightmare from a Hell unimagined even by Dante on a bad one. He clearly likes the dynamic blogrollery he's seen at some fellow travellers' blogs, which is fine, when you're able to keep it segregated from the rest of your content.

But he's still working at it. It's not easy to get used to a new content management system, from a layout/design perspective. The new template is far superior to the old one--it makes use of far more space, and while there was something pleasingly Bauhaus about the sparing column widths of BFF's old Typepad space, it was his biggest problem, because he and his commentariat tend to ramble. A lot.

And now? I'm off to figure out how to make my little icon on his blogroll every bit as innovative and eyecatching as Elric's, though I'm almost certain that Blogger doesn't give me quite that much control over my own innards. And Elric's smarter than me anyway. Good thing I learned to live with that years ago.

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BDR said...

Glad the plumbing's good.

Now, re: me - There's too much aargh and too little time to waste any of it on emmeffing typepad, which began descending into suck about a year ago and which, having been sold a couple of months ago, is clearly intending further sucktitude.