Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Must*

Wow. The Onion SportsDome looks awesome. I mean, really, Colbert and Stewie are getting a little tired. Let's have some fun with Jay Cutler.

* I know the song is just Michael Stipe reading the liner notes from a Revellaires album, but it really takes on a special significance when it's blasting from the stereo while I zip down a rural interstate in the most Jesusy state in the Union.

Some people (for instance) likely doubt the cultural significance of Michael Stipe getting oiled up, heading down to the studio, and forgetting to conceal that he has a massively chronic Southron accent (my guess is that the cited friend thinks I could've cut off that sentence after the word "Stipe").

Not me. We had a brief discussion over there about some asshat band called Vampire Weekend, which is, it appears, responsible for an unspeakably annoying series of commercials this season for a company once best known for making engines for the planes that attacked Pearl Harbor**. Until today, all I knew is that this song was selling cars, and that it sucked. Now, thanks to BFF, my life has new focus. I am going to start a camp for overprivileged children who think that this is music.

"But wait," you cry, "Didn't your elders think that your generation's music was despicably horrid?"

Yes. They did. They were wrong. My elders suffered through Eisenhower in their formative years and thought it was normal. My elders were morons. This generation's elders were born from 1946-1962 and rule the world. Get the fuck over it.

**This is a lie. The part about aircraft engines, I mean. It's important to grasp the historical concept that the victors*** write the history.

***Yes. That's exactly what I mean. Suck on it, Gen WTFEver..


Jack Crow said...

At least they'll get more diseases then we do, this genWTFever.

Oh, and less land.

And New York will be Disney Under the Sea, or something.


There's that, at least.

Then again, I still like Zeppelin, BoC and Rush, so fuck me in the eye with a herpetic spoon.

BDR said...

To prove my complicity in everything awful, Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip do a good cover of a Vampire Weekend song:

Mostly it's the old fart in me who still likes getting angry at Eric Clapton doing a Michelob commercial in the mid-70s. Fucking sellout.

Landru said...

Only for Rush, Jack. And for my money, the spoon can wear a jacket.

Yes, bDr. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

GrizzlyPlaytoy4Rent said...


REM had their moments. Green was pretty great. Out of Time was overrated, but it brought the world to their Athens, GA doorstep. Automatic For The People was kinda poppy, but a fine disc nevertheless. Stipe & Co. seemed to lose their way after that. I haven't given much attention to their last couple. Such is life.

ilse said...

One of my favorite high school memories was watching R.E.M. at a show -- dear gods, I can't even remember the venue. Summer '85, I think. Fables tour. Couldn't have been more than 500 people there, all yelling "I'm sorry" during "So. Central Rain."

Saw them again in '87 (?). Bigger venue, crowd of several thousand. Not the same. I remember we had a snowball fight outside after the show. That was the best part.

Haven't listened to anything new by them since Monster.

Sasha said...

And will continue to rule the world.

I'm so glad you're paying attention to execrable music.


Richard said...

Since my crap ancient work version of IE means I can't comment at BDR's but can comment here, I'm going to chime on this whole crucial Vampire Weekend thing: I think you guys are being way too harsh on them. I haven't seen this awful commercial, but everything I've heard by them is pretty cool. And this comes from someone who is pretty sure he's too old for about 95% of current indie rock. They may be snotty but they're not a bad little band. I mean, they're not Arcade Fire or anything.

Landru said...


I think that you'd have to have experienced the commercials to have the full context of the emotion here.

I've never noted this over at my master's place, but I've never knowingly heard anything by Arcade Fire.

BDR said...

I don't like Vampire Weekend's music all that much - and I do like Gabriel's cover, though that's more Gabriel, I'm sure - but by no means does it inspire the boiling loathing I have for Arcade Fucking Fire, the music and the musicians and, mostly, their fucking hipster robot fans.

That said, knowing I'm going to hear that Vampire Weekend holiday song sell something every Giftmas season from now until the apocalypse is suck.

Sasha said...

For Richard, wherever I may find him:

because why shouldn't you suffer along with the rest of us.


Sasha said...

Excuse me. This is the "Official" version.


Jim H. said...

Dood, your '46 to '62 crowd had 'Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love in My Tummy' and decades so full of dreck I can't even begin to catalog. And yes it was all used in the nascent commerciality of music.

Depends on where you look and what you choose for comparison.

Landru said...

Jim, Jim, Jim. I know I'm just a blog, but have you read the caveats? Minions is always right (here) precisely because I choose the points of comparison. Your blog, I'll be wrong as much as you'd like, buddy! See, for instance, Jack's comments section.

And thanks once again to Richard, this time for the unintended but decidedly beneficial consequence of having Sasha soil my comments with links to that crappy band's predilection for Louis XIV stylings. Yecch. Get a mop, wouldja, Sasha?

whispers said...

I hope I'm not the Richard in question.

Oh, and f*ck the Boomers. The most self-absorbed generation since the Spanish Inquisition.*

*Historians have conclusively demonstrated that Boomers score a 7.6 on the Pree-Madonna scale of self-absorption, while Torquemade and company scored a 7.7.

p.s. You cannot force me to watch your videos.