Monday, June 06, 2011

Millstone, Milestone, Milestone

Who knew this blog's 500th post would fall on one of its three four holy days?

Happy birthday, such as things go, to my good friend William Wallace. Our day will come again, buddy, and I'm sorry my time has been so hideously constrained when you need it most. Hopefully the dark spaces are more and more behind you, and the dark alleys absolutely behind us.

Now go be good minions and read about D-Day, please. Any June 6 post in the archives will do for a start, and you can also never go wrong by checking out the great Wiki in the sky, as long as you only believe bits and pieces and you read the discussion page to find out what Wikitards are obsessing about.


Sasha said...

What in the bloody blue hell is the fourth? How do you expect us to keep up?


Landru said...

Three birthdays and D-Day. Which is also, as it happens, someone's birthday.

St. Hugh's said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes. The dark spaces are still dark, but it is like when you have been in the same house for learn to navigate the darkness a lot better while still occasionally smashing your toe into something. It hurts like hell, but also helps you learn to not step there again.