Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old Loves

They dedicated the basketball court at Comcast to Gary Williams last night. As I've noted before, my ardor for Terphoops has cooled since days of yore. That doesn't mean I've lost the fire completely, especially not on Duke night (the outcome was the same as ever--Duke pwn3d us).

Opinions on this court-naming thing are pretty consistent. Gary won us a title. But there's one detractor in every bunch, and ours is, of course, Lefty Driesell, who emphasizes that he doesn't think it should be his name on the court, which is good, since his is, as I understand it, already on Georgia State's court. Stupid fucking cracker.

I think I've noted before that I'm not fond of yellow, and these are yellow days at Comcast. That's fucking idiotic. But the students are still there, in spades, and last night they yellowed out:

If there wasn't a turtle, I'd think it was Tech
And the fever hasn't broken. This may be cleaner than "J.J. Reddick Drinks His Own Urine", but it's just as effective.

The noblest of sentiments
My generation notes that J.J. still hasn't issued a denial. Go Terps.

The thing its ownself


Sasha said...

Lefty is still a dick.

My word: peeness

I love that word.

Jim H. said...

Lefty was an ass, but a great cracker competitor at UMd. I recall the Phil Ford v. John Lucas days. The Tom McMillen/Len Elmore glory days. Hated 'em except when they played other teams. The NC State game (you know the one) was one of the greatest ever.

Even Len Bias, chthulu rest his coked out soul.

Gary was fierce as well, just a little high strung. Good on him re: the floor. As always, congrats for the title.

I always pull for the Turtle except when they're the Twerps and they're playing us. Go Tar Heels! And that's today.