Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nothing To Say

It's been a month since I posted; this post serves only to assert that I continue to exist, and that you're welcome to use this space as a navigational tool. The volume and quality of fucktardery haven't changed, and the same things are and are not. Some maybe more; if you give a fuck about other people having sex, shut the fuck up. If you think the Washington Capitals suck for any discernable reason other than the long absence of Mike Green and the continuing absence of Nick Backstrom (whose rapist scored on the Capitals last night--thanks, Brendan Shanahan, you gormless fucking cocksucker), shut the fuck up. Especially and totally, if you give a fuck about the Republican primaries for any reason other than the pure entertainment value of people taking Rick Santorum seriously, shut the fuck up a whole lot. If you think vaccines are bad, shut the fuck up a whole lot, and please consider dying painfully, too.

I'll go back to the first for a moment; Sasha's poignant mention of an asshole Virginia legislator who didn't get laid because he supports state-sanctioned rape is worth a look, though to be honest, the guy is such a smarmy piece-of-shit fuckwit that I have trouble believing he's ever been laid.

But that's all I got. I'm just asserting that I continue to am. Y'all continue too.

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