Friday, March 16, 2012

Nope, Still Nothing

I'm still consumed by work and family and, in the time that doesn't take up, conspicuous consumption. Things of note:

I'm going bracket-free this year, but of course I'm interested in the Terpchix.

The Washington Capitals will make the playoffs. Barely. They'll even pull off a first-round upset there. Then they'll vomit on their shoes and everyone will want Dale Hunter fired.

DC United disturbs me, but go see Fullback for the details of that.

Also: your worst trade ever is my thank Ba'al we're getting a quarterback, even one who's a pig in a poke.

Gee, isn't that Jew-hater guy who busted on Sandra Fluke an asshole? That's really all the analysis it deserves here, although there's certainly lots of funny stuff out there about it. A little blogroll archaeology is all you need there.

What? You say you're dying to talk about blogging?, you're not. Trust me. You're not. At least not with me.


BDR said...

Heh! I did acknowledge as much.

Just dropped Planet off at BWI. Guess who else in my house who isn't me takes it harder every time Planet leaves? Pray for me.

Landru said...

Really? Where'd you acknowledge that? I don't see anything there.

BDR said...

"no one else in real life wants to"

Spambot makes me type itammi, serendipitous!