Friday, May 02, 2014

So There Was This Guy

There still is, actually. And he's old. Today. It is the day when he is older. He used to not be older. We used to be young. And skinny.

The first time I saw him, he was the very last guy on the Ricky Monkey basketball team's bench. We mocked him. He got into the game. He took a set shot. I don't remember if he made it, but I like to think so. I had no idea on that day that he would become the Hamster. Our Hamster.

See BFF. I can't top that. However, I did get candids.

You might think he's not really that scary. I am here to tell you that he is. Oh, yes. He is.
You don't want to know what those little paws just touched. Oh no you don't.

Not much is known of Our Hamster's leisure activities. So, we speculate:

That's right. Cosplay. We went there. That just happened.
You might confuse hamsters with other small furry creatures. This may be helpful:

Sensory whiskers. Chix dig it.
Our Hamster? Has a very long tail. Oh yes he does. If you knowhumsayin', and I'm pretty sure you do.

Happy birthday, Hamster.


Hamster Hamlet said...

Cosplay EXPOSED!! Thank you, Sir!

Hamster Hamlet said...

Hey, it;s the Day Before Bastille Day! Bon Anniversaire, mon frere! ALL HAIL LANDRU!!!!