Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making Time For Important Things

I often don't do it. Sometimes I forget things are important. Often, other things are more important in the moment. So we'll just call this a small victory, the more so because it ends that short time of the year when we're the same age. And even more because BFF crosses the Rubicon of age 55 today, the gnarly old fuck. Amazing that he and his can stand to be around him, really. Although he's probably less grizzled than I am, because I am given to understand that vegetarian feeding makes the long pig more tender. But I digress.

You can say that he's a dupe, he's a rube, he's a grifter (for attention, not for money, which makes it perfectly okay and then some, and you and I are, after all, the ones clicking the mice). I've said all of those things about him and to him at times or others through the stations of life, and other things far less kind, some on point and some not so. But he's my dupe/rube/grifter, I've been there for every black helicopter and startled epiphany and morbid fuck-me jig and for things incalculably more important than those bits of inexplicably MoCo lives. And while I remind you here and now, explicitly, as I do every year, that this makes me better than you, it has also made me better than me.

Expressing myself once a year about my nearly lifelong friend (John the Daftist, the She-Nurse of the SS, and 32-Ounce are the only humans with longer tenure, and theirs is biologically asserted) is a little maudlin, but it's easy. This part is hard:

Okay, that one's not hard, I do it every year. Ritual is important. Just ask Bam-Bam. Let's do a couple more reruns:

Damn, when I'm tired of that, I'll be dead. Makes me want more.

It's never as fast as I remember it being.

Thoughtfully not rerun? Naked Bong Girl (nsfw). Not appearing in this film? The worst Kate Bush song ever, in the face of stiff competition (though I'll admit that she was quite attractive when we were young--and she's only a tiny bit older than us).

And finally, because a birthday should involve an actual present:

So, y'know, happies and suchlike.


BDR said...

Hugs and love.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

i like the pictures of matchstick men cover, although the camper van beethoven version is also very good

last night i was watching the dvd of the last show at winterland by the grateful dead - i was profoundly unimpressed

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

of course, it's not hard to be better than me.

I comment there half as often as I'd like and twice as often as I deserve, but hey, he's older than me and STILL has pretty awesome taste in music, so belated birfday stuff.

In my defense, yer Onner, I was preparing for our annual ann-versary party, housewarming birfday, and general bad behavior weekend augmented by emergency deck repairs. and tequila. So I was otherwise occupied and distracted. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.