Thursday, May 07, 2015

How To Embed A Tweet

BFF, he means well. There is no malice in him. Unless you're a Republican. Or a Democrat. Or a voter. But these are small matters. Today's lesson in How To Work The Internet was inspired by BFF, who launched a bunch of assrockets--as is his wont and right--about a topic on which he possesses limited knowledge (as he bloody well can, because it's his fucking blog).

By the way, assrockets are the best sort of rockets to launch, in case  you see all this as unkind or something.

Anyway, the topic was Tom Brady, aka Dreamboat, and I pitched a low-grade, non-foul hiss because BFF failed to pay sufficient attention to his Twitter feed to see that I had tweeted a joke that should go viral and make me a famous buttclown.

And then it occurred to me; BFF doesn't know how to embed a tweet. And so:

1. Find Tweet.

2. Click the three dots in the tweet. "Embed" will be one of the options. Choose it.

3. Copy the highlighted text--just like you would when you embed a video from YouTube.

4. Paste the copied text into your post (in HTML)

5. Eat violas:
Yes. Yes, I did just throw BFF under the bus for the sole purpose of repromoting my shitty Tweet. That. Just. Happened.


BDR said...

OK, I'll rise to bait as penance:

The New England Patriots *DO* have the fuckugliest & lamest-ass uniforms in North American sport. No team is even close. And while I don't know a nickel from a dime package (in helmetball) I do know something of the cultural sig of said helmetball in America. I am a fucking English major.

Psst - I do know how to embed, forgive me, I didn't like the way it looked next to Pynchon's muted-horn.

Landru said...

Yep. They're seriously ugly, all right.

I'm really cheesed that I'm not getting any airplay for a pretty damned good joke about Roger Goodell being a perv. And among all beloveds, it is you at whom I am least cheesed.

Yes, yes. Colorado. I see what you did there, xox.

Purplestate said...

RE: Twitter

Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

You know why. I'm not disagreeing, just saying.

Jim H. said...

Yes, it was a very funny joke. I've used it on another occasion with my wife's uncle (who was technically a Scottish laird). Didn't see it in my timeline, but I'm remodeling a kitchen, re-stuccoing a house, pressure washing a drive & a deck, graduating a kid from college, planning to move another kid to the West Coast for grad school, & dealing with all of that.

When I find it—and I will—I will gladly retweet it.

Best (as always)

Whispers said...

Gee, I like the Pats' unis. Esp. the Flying Elvis logo. There are literally a dozen or so worse in the NFL, and then there's the NBA, which is full of disasters.

This topped my Google Search. Every single one there is horrid. (And what did they do to Robert Parish's retired 00???)