Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not 56 Songs. But Enough.

I don't usually do a post for Ilse's birthday, but I'm fucking the rest of it up pretty roundly, so at least she gets this part on time.

Databoy was a little startled to find out over the weekend that his parents have some fondness for this little ditty:

He always thought that this was our song (and, in truth, it is):

On the other hand, we'll always have this:

Jeebus, that's filthy. You prolly shouldn't watch it at work. And really, don't touch it. You know where it's been.

Yeah, okay, I'm fuckin' around. Here's the real deal, honey. Happy Birthday, throw your panties at Bobby. Not that you were old enough to do that when this video was cut.

By the way, there are a shitload of really bad versions of Sugar Magnolia on YouTube. I found out so you don't have to. This one is really weird (New Year's Eve in San Francisco). But it's at least it's not in the Zombie Jerry phase. It does, however, appear to be in the Someone Spiked the Punch Again phase.

I digress. Happy Birthday, Ilse.


Purplestate said...

Happy Happy!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Heck, I thought Punk Rock Girl was OUR song....

ilse said...

Tank you, darlink (belatedly, I know).

Don't forget this one.