Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All Aflutter

I am in a high frenzy, a state of damn near TerpRiot. It is true that it has been difficult for me, lo these many years since the departure of Our Lord and Savior Gary Williams and His Prophet Juan Dixon, to get excited about Maryland hoops, at least the testosterone version (I still adore the women, though I'm a tad heartbroke about Miss Lexie Brown's deeply personal decision to transfer, and a tad furious about the part of it where she felt she had to transfer to Those People, but it's her fucking business, and Brenda Frese will win more NCAA titles during the remainder of Miss Brown's NCAA eligibility than Lexie will, so WTFever, kid). The move to the Big Can't Count Conference didn't help my ennui over the Williams-less, post-Dixon, post-The-Alien-Steve-Blake guy Terps.

But thanks in part to the outstanding work of YFWP's Sports department, I am pumped. Fuck Georgetown in the eye. This is fucking awesome, the first time Maryland has played Georgetown in the regular season in 42 fucking years, which brings us to why I'm in a fiercely tribal state:

Hyper UMd Marketers Recreate a Period Photo

Our cheerleaders and theirs, courtesy of the ever-sedate local Fox outlet

Elmore and Mcmillen in groovy pants
Mister Elmore (from his personal files, apparently)

Foldout poster of Mister Lucas from the 1973 program
Thanks to Steinberg and to YFWP for excavating this awesome stuff. Go Terps.

Reminder to you young persons: We lived this. Sure, we had an onion on our belts because that was the style, and chickies didn't have the right to vote or drink unless they put out for it, and bellbottoms were the law. But it was what it was, and we were better people for it. Fuck Georgetown in the eye. Go Terps.


Purplestate said...

Hey, a matchup I can get behind unreservedly! Go Terps!

Jim H. said...

Big one coming up on Dec. 1. To say I'm worried would be an understatement. Probably the biggest pre-ACC game for us. And, tbh, if you twisted my arm I'd have to admit I miss having the Twerps in The Only League That Matters (at least in Hoops). Always my 2d favorite team and a sure challenge.


Sasha said...

Wow, what a completely unexpected and joyously received post. I'm in complete agreement with how much fun it all is. And (because this comment like all of mine) is later than it should be, a great game and a great outcome.