Friday, September 23, 2005

Being Nothingness

Tired. Long day yesterday driving and hanging with family and all that. Bitch of a week on the high court. I notice from my statistics report that I likely disappointed a couple of you by not posting for most of the week, but really, I got nothin' in the tank right now.

So I'll just recharge for the weekend and come back on Monday. I promise to find things to be angry at next week. Really.


beannie said...

Just to help you along the path to angerdom, consider:

Rummy blocking the Able Danger testimony before Congress

Bill Frist, the inside trader

The insistence of some Congresscritters and Senators on keeing their pork and their tax cuts, and instead want to cut public programs and medical care to Navy families to fund the rebuilding of the gulf region.

Need I go on?

Dweeze said...

Dude, you're not our puppet on a string. Take some time off if you need. We always have Goth.

augie said...

Yes, we'll always have Goth. Or is that code for something?

Geggy said...

Personally, I'd very much like you to be my puppet on a string, thank you very much (speak for yourself, rodent).

I'm sorry things have been unsettling with this family stuff. I know the feeling if it makes you feel any better.