Thursday, October 20, 2005

Old Business

Regular viewers know that I reserve a special place in my heart for lying, hypocritical, racist UberCunt Michelle Malkin, although I must credit her with giving me a one-stop shop for collecting the very finest in fascist demagoguery, a service not to be entirely despised. Some of you have noted that my zeal for slamming Malkin may even be indicative of some dark fetish related to female persons of Asian extraction, or perhaps related to female persons of the whackjob persuasion. I deny this.

I can't deny, though, that I have invested considerable energy in trashing the bitch. But I'm going to slim down my zeal for this pursuit, because based on some tips and some Googling, I've found two sites that do a better job of Malkin-bashing than I ever could. The first is Malkin(s) Watch, which is apparently blogged by a guy named Auguste. He is actually able to chronicle the UC's follies without resorting to much pottymouth; as you know, that sort of thing is most unappealling to me as a writer.

Another site, Liberal Avenger, has posted here and here about the possibility that not all of the work published under Malkin's name is her own, in that her equally fascist, equally cuntish husband Jesse, a "stay-at-home" dad, may in fact script some percentage of what appears on the Malkin site under her name. The person who tipped me off to this story thought there was something out there involving a statistical recounting of an analysis of the site's writings, purporting to demonstrate that Jesse writes something like 70 percent of what appears there. I can't find that bit, and I welcome input from anyone who can.

Anyway, I've now linked to both of these sites, and hopefully I can stop spending so much time ranting about someone who's only trying to bait me anyway.

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