Friday, October 28, 2005


If you think that the point of the Scooter Libby indictment has anything to do with Joe Wilson, stop reading now, and go shove your featherlight head up your corrupt ass.

If you think that the point of the Scooter Libby indictment has anything to do with whether Valerie Plame's CIA status was, semantically, "covert," stop reading and go try to separate your featherlight, corrupt, demonic head from your similarly adjectived ass, if indeed you have the intellectual capacity to differentiate between them. But if that's what you think, there's evidence that removes any reasonable doubt about your possession of that capacity.

Pat Fitzgerald just stood before God and everybody and told you that he didn't have enough evidence at this time to bring charges under the Intelligence Identities Act or the Espionage Act. He told you what he did indict on; Scooter Libby apparently lied to the FBI and the grand jury.

Innocent until proven guilty, you protest? Good. Then I'm sure you'll agree that Bill Clinton was innocent of the charges brought against him. No? Then shut the fuck up, you lying, hypocritical piece of near-braindead partisan shit.

Prosecutor gone off the rails, you protest? What did this have to do with the alleged leak of the alleged identity of an alleged covert operative? Considerably more than some spooge on a blue dress had to do with anything involving land deals or savings and loans in Arkansas, you morally bankrupt hack.

Not a big deal, you protest? Missed the point? Well, gee, then I guess Scooter shouldn't have lied to a fucking grand jury and obstructed justice. I mean, if there was nothing for him to lie about, he shouldn't have fucking lied, right?

If we happen to discuss this in person, you and I? Don't even mention the names of Wilson or Plame. You won't like the conversation that ensues.

Oh, and Wolf Blitzer? Shut the fucking fuck up, you fucking fuck.


Geggy said...

Dood. Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?

augie said...

Aw come on, Landru. Don't you know it's "much ado about nothing"? Or at least that's what they're trying to convince themselves.

Kimmah said...

I still remain aghast and agog that a man named Scooter is/was in a position of power in our national gubment.

Wheeze said...