Monday, October 24, 2005


There are those who say that the city I visited over the weekend toddles. While I am loathe to disparage places beloved of my friends, I will say that I came home unconvinced of any toddling. I will also say that Ilse had a harder time than usual in assisting me with anger management during key parts of the journey.

I did get to see a futbol game in Soldier Field, which is a pretty cool edifice. And the game ended with a not-unfavorable result for my side.

I can also say with great assurance that U-boats are way cool. Please do me the favor of making some small effort to act surprised. There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Sadly, the Museum of Science and Industry does not sell actual Kriegsmarine caps in the museum shop devoted to its captured U-boat, the U-505. That? Would've made it all seem worthwhile.

I also report that Sparkles, an occasional denizen of the comments section of this space, is a damned fine human being and I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent time with her. She funny, the Sparkles.

See? Good things about the city that some of you love. Good beef, a fine museum, an outstanding stadium, difficult company to top. Not a word about temperature, moisture, air movement, cab drivers, or the most uncompelling art museum I have ever experienced. Not even a rant, huh?

I know. I'm a disappointment to you all.


Dweeze said...

Dood. You couldn't mention that you were going to be in Chi-Town?

Swami said...

If you have no comments on air movement you must not have been in Chicago.

I got pregnant in Chicago once.

Isn't Dweeze, like, an hour and a half from Chi-town?

gothmog said...

Soldier Field is cool now because of some serious renovations of late. you should have seen it in its acropolis days.

My entire fambly gives the thumbs up to the UBoat. And that whole Museum, btw.

And, having lived all of my life in four cities, two of which are Chicago and Columbus, I'd think you'd understand why I'm favorably disposed toward the toddlin one.