Sunday, May 07, 2006

Broken Vow

Okay, I promised to stop venting my spleen over Our Lady of the Concentration Camps. But I have to admit that I go to her site to see what she's capable of. What she was capable of yesterday (remember my motto: Yesterday's News Tomorrow, Or Maybe Next Month) is a rant about the Texas Rangers sporting, on Friday night, special Cinco de Mayo jerseys emblazoned with "Los Rangers."

It's pretty harmless stuff, Cinco de Mayo jerseys, right? I mean, c'mon, in this country Cinco is an excuse to get stupid on Coronas and Modelos, right? It's not like anyone here imbues it with any big political significance. Anyone other than the Ubercunt, that is:

"I understand the Rangers wanted to do something innocuous to recognize a holiday celebrating historical and cultural pride. But the politically correct selectivity here is telling. While it's considered a celebration of "diversity" to acknowledge the military sacrifices of another nation's heroes, it's considered racist to acknowledge the military sacrifices of one's own.

Case in point: Can you imagine if someone proposed changing the Rangers' jerseys to "Confederate Rangers" to celebrate Confederate Heroes' Day*?

Oh, and I'm sure I'll be labeled a racist for pointing out the double standard.

Like that's anything new..." I'll label you a racist, Mrs. Malkin, because...well, because you are one, as you demonstrate conclusively about 65 percent (or more) of the time you open your mouth or put pen to paper or electrons to screen. I'll also label you a racist for finding it necessary to link to a Googlesearch of "Confederate Heroes' Day" in the midst of this passage, just in case your readers need help getting in touch with their own racism.

What I'll label you as for "pointing out the double standard" is really, really, insufferably stupid. Stupid beyond measure. There is no double standard here, because there's no fucking comparison. Who the fuck celebrates Confederate Heroes' Day? You're pretty much my neighbor, and I see almost infinitely more restaurants trying to increase drunk driving by advertising Cinco de Mayo than I do restaurants even mentioning the Confederacy. And when the fuck did the Confederacy become a legitimate nation? Is it possibly that your tiny brain can wrap itself around the notion that the Confederacy was an illegal separatist movement? I mean it was, because they lost, and did so as a result of actions by...why, American military heroes! How about that?

In another sense, the Confederacy was a pack of terrorists! Terrorists, Michelle! You fucking Jihadist! Why do you hate the American troops who won the Civil War?

And no, it's not new that you're being labelled a racist. Or that you're being labelled as too dumb to suck air. And neither is surprising, because you are, in fact a racist, and you are, in fact, too fucking dumb to suck air. Jaysus.

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