Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dear Lefty Blogosphere

Of course Richard Cohen is a wanker, you fucking nimrods. Reasonable people can, indeed, differ on whether Stephen Colbert's WHCA speech was funny. People who don't think it was funny are wrong, but that doesn't mean we can't differ.

There are, however, several related topics where reasonable people cannot reasonably differ, and all of them are getting ass-plungered by people who are fast approaching Cohenesque wankitude. To wit:

1. It doesn't matter whether you think Colbert was funny. The core issue is whether his speech was appropriate. The underlying implication of everything written on the topic by right-wing and other fucktards is that it wasn't. That? Is a lie. A damned lie, even. Was it okay when Imus did it to Clinton 10 years ago? Of course it was. So shut the fuck up, you snivelling, lying asshole.

2. Civility doesn't matter. The Web has abandoned all pretense of civility. Do you think right-wing fucktards will listen to us if we're civil? They haven't so far, and they tend to respond to it with incivility of their own. To top all of this, Richard Cohen wants to lecture us on civility? Get a fucking grip, Richard, you goddam fascist warmongering (yes, despite your impassioned and completely untruthful denial, you a a fucking warmonger) twit. And further, deluded bloggers want to pretend they'll be listened to if they're civil? Ki-yi-yi. The gross disconnect of our culture from reality is truly staggering.

3. Y'know, I'm a proponent of just sitting around wanking until about 70 days before the mid-term elections, with the exception of some low-grade meme perpetuation. I think that anything else increases the chance that the Idiot Middle (which will elect the swing members of the next Congress) will grow tired of our message and our perceived incivility. But this topic has really exhausted the possibilities for entertaining wankitude.

So shut the fuck up. Colbert was funny and on-target; Cohen's a jackass; civility machts nichts. So stop. Just stop. All of you.

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You forgot to mention the sponsor of the Dire Monstrous Colbert Event of Great Fortitude. Which was, indeed, brought to you {in part} by Wheezy.