Tuesday, June 13, 2006

U-Turns In The Night

This is a big picture of a fluffy bunny. If you are my beloved friends Germbabe or Sparkles, look at the big picture of the fluffy bunny and do not, under any circumstances, scroll down.

This here? Is not a big picture of a fluffy bunny. It is a picture of J.J. Redick.

Can you guess what J.J. did not long before this picture was taken? That's right, he committed a crime. No, no, not the poetry or the crying or the .025-percent lifetime NCAA tournament shooting percentage, although all of those certainly qualify. J.J. hung a U-turn in the night. An illegal U-turn. Right in front of a police drunk driving checkpoint.

Thank you, J.J. This was a sad bunny sort of day, until you hit the news. And there's only one thing left to say.

Except, of course, it's not.


momma said...

I lost the bet. I figured the 5th Tuesday of Never would be the only time I'd see a fluffy bunny AND a Happy Bunny picture in your blog at the same time.

Sasha said...

If you looked very very closely you would see a tiny tear rolling down my right cheek.