Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Uh Oh, It's Time for a Roundup

There's only one cure for being too busy to blog: Roundup!

  • It's hard to count the ways in which The National Review sucks dirty ass. But with the help of blogofascists, you can try.
  • Markos Moulitsas ate my dingos.
  • World Cup: All remaining teams other than Ukraine are deeply disturbing; English both more and less disturbing than others. In a related story, the entire Italian team was killed today in a horrible diving accident.
  • I won't link, but in the latest chapter in her continuing campaign to impose complete self-irrelevance, the Malkinator chides us (no specifics--just us) for violating Rush Limbaugh's privacy. Haw!
  • For those of you with whom Minions shares a local National capital and an ongoing Biblical-quality event: Elvis took your boats. Climb to the roof, show the helicopters your tits, and wait for rescue.

1 comment:

gothmog said...

Those descriptions of Kos were effin hilarious.

And. The last time I showed my tits from my roof, the helicoptors crashed.