Thursday, August 17, 2006

We Got Motherfuckin' Snakes

Ugh. Busy. Sorry. Quickies:

  • Ilse and the little bastards peckerwoods darlings are moved into the house (Bam-Bam and Databoy are both adjusting nicely; the cat, Dumbass, is still a little shaky). We're still figuring out our routine and stuff. Work is beastly, because I'm in the middle of the budget cycle at Save The World. I'm sorry for the lack of words lately, but that's all it's about.
  • George Allen is a wanker, essentially using Aryan movement vocabulary to both demonstrate that he understands White Power and the backwoods of deep (I mean really, really DEEP) Virginia, and to insult a member of his opponent's campaign staff, then issuing consecutive nonapologies blaming it all on anyone but him*. This guy is the epitome of crackerdom, from his dip-n-spit habit to his carefully affected redneck boots (he's a Southern California preppy carpetbagging his way to Fascist Party preeminence in his adopted state) to his Confederate flag on the wall. Incredibly, he will win reelection. Easily.
  • You think, little denizen of the area surrounding My Local National Capitol, that your sportin' life is all about Janky Spanky's little disconnected shoulder? Just wait until Kemo von Oelhoffen gets hold of our dogshit quarterback's knee. Hell, this may not even wait for an actual game. And don't forget to visit Kissing Suzy Kolber during this time of my discontent.
  • Blackdogred is fatally obsessed with Dema Kovalenko, almost to the point where it's damaging his fascination with commie lesbo dirthugger indie bands. But visit his site anyway.

That's it for now. Don't hold your breath, it's a busy life for your Dark Overlord, but he loves you very much and will try to come write randomly disperse words across a word-processor-like interface for you real soon.

*Every other leftish Web site in America has documented this thoroughly enough--you can chase it down through any of the lefty links to your right.


Matt said...

I'm incoherently angry with my state for the fact that you can get away with the assertion that George Allen will easily win reelection. 'Cause he will, that piece of shit.

But not with my vote.

Landru said...

And since I rescued Ilse from your state (we have a shelter for recovering Virginians, you know), you're the only Virginian member of this little community. But we don't hold it against you.