Saturday, February 03, 2007


The things I do for you people. The tagging project is completed. Most of the tags are pretty close to self-explanatory, but a few need a word of exposition:

Self-Indulgence: Yeah, it's all pretty self-indulgent. I tried to highlight here the ones that were really just self-pitying crap. If there's anything else of value in these, they're also so tagged.

Motherfucking Snakes: Anything about television, movies, radio, or culture, generally.

Your Personal Nametag: If I could find more than one instance where you, a minion, were called out by name, I tagged you. If you don't want to be tagged, say so. If you do want to be tagged and weren't, get over it.

If you see something that's really badly tagged, please let me know, bearing in mind that I've cranked about eight hours on this tagging project and I'm really kind of sick of it and I don't even know if it's of any particular utility.

But enjoy it, for what it's worth.

1 comment:

ilse said...

What I find amusing is that most of the posts that are tagged "Ilse" are also tagged "Self-Indulgence" AND "Gratuitous Misogyny".