Saturday, March 15, 2008


Thinks we're playing, with this whole "disturbing images" thing.

We're not. Put that damned hippie whalesinger picture in an inadeqate airplane and send it crashing to the bottom of the fold, or my army of Hello Hitler clones will take extraordinary action.

Oh yes they will.


Sasha said...

To post it you have to look at it. Is that Hello Hitler Japanese? Or did you draw it up in your studio?

I must admit that the dress gave me pause. I'm weakening slightly.

Sasha said...

See TBogg hardened me earlier in the week with this, which you'll have to top.

Kimmah said...

Damn. I had no idea that dress photographed so poorly.

David said...

Don't worry Kimmah - as far as I was considered, you were the sexiest woman at the rave that night.

Steven said...

I think landru looks far better in his Sponge Bob rave dress.