Saturday, August 23, 2008

Want Me To Blog?

Easy. Just name as your second a tired old hack who virtually guarantees you'll lose an election that you should never, ever, in a million years lose, a bloated sack of wind who utterly negates your message of change and hope, who further negates the awesome weapon that is your opponent's own advanced age and mental and physical decrepitude. Just hand an election, in one stroke (rather than the series of senseless, selfish, arrogant blunders you've been indulging) to an opponent who is stompdown insane.

I really do not understand Democrats' propensity for shooting themselves in the testicles and then twisting hard while they masturbate. I suppose it's intolerant of me, judging CBT freaks that way (and I will accept your gratitude for not following through on my idea of leading this post with an image reflecting the CBT theme).



Sasha said...

I knew you couldn't pass this one up.

I'm dying to watch him debate Mittens. Just sayin'

Ol' Dirty Bama said...

C'mon Landru! Tell us how you really feel!

All this change looks much the same to me. Lol!

Landru said...

It's bDr's fault. Actually, it's Sasha's fault, too.

And by "it," I mean "everything."

Sasha said...

I have broad shoulders.

GrizzlyPlaytoy4Rent said...

Geez, this Landru guy is a cranky old fart. Can you imagine having to work for him?

Whispers said...

Biden is a weasel, but I'm not sure that this dooms the ticket.

Since securing the nomination, Obama has steadily been taking the 'centrist' path. So yeah, all the 'change' stuff was just so much hot air to get votes.

That doesn't mean he won't win. After all, his opponent is McCain, a doddering old fool.

What the course of events does mean is that Obama, if elected, will not be interested in doing any kind of meaningful reform.