Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Long Plunge To Earth

So DCU is functionally, if not mathematically, toast. While my friend is a little depressive, and understandably so after the beatings and outnumberings in DCU's own house of late, he'll swing back a bit. As he says, there are not many players worth saving, although his count's a bit light.

The injuries to Gallardo are disappointing, but as he says, a symbol, not a fault. What's an old handbagger to do, say no to a pile of money in the shining beacon of freedom that is our country? When he's on the field and feeling okay, Gallardo is the best player on the field. In MLS, and with United, that draws flies. If he were a blocky Aztec like that cockbiter Blanco, it wouldn't be quite so bad. But he's the Doll. If you prick him, he bleeds.

I think the best betting question left is how many days after the last game of the season (if that) it takes for Payne and Kasper to scapegoat Soehn for the schedule and the injuries. Don't get me wrong; I don't like Soehn. I don't like his philosophy, I don't like his game management, and I don't like someone's fitness regime, although to be fair a fitness regime for that sort of schedule has to be a difficult thing. But standing up game after game after game and lamenting blown opportunities tells us something about the quality of the opportunities, or the quality of the players taking them, or both. His loyalty to the players is admirable and correct. His inability to fix things--not least by doing them differently, instead of slavishly adhering to his philosophy--is not. Consistency in philosophy is good; consistency in bad philosophy is imprudent.

And what's worse--they might not scapegoat him. That might give a different coach a chance to uncover some deeper-seated tragedies in the club's personnel acquisition and management. We probably can't have that.


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Is that the most invective you can summon? I suppose its a good thing, the meds and all, but far less entertaining than normal.


Sasha said...

Redskins, my friend.