Sunday, December 14, 2008


BFF bDr and Gophershole HS (home of the Condoms!) classmate points out a fundamental issue with our shared Moco point of origin. I don't know that he'd summarize it this way, but the problem is that the vast majority of MoCo denizens are assholes.

I cite one story to which he links, but there are three stories linked in succession in his post, all of which highlight local fundaments of awful. In short:

-Gaitherstropolis is huge (cf. above).

-Way too many selfish jackals live in crucial downcounty transit corridors, a problem compounded by poor planning dating back to the layout of the Washington Beltway and continuing through the layout of the Metro system as a hub/spoke arrangement with no thought given to crossburbishness.

-Upper MoCo is not free of assholes, including pig-ignorant motherfuckers who somehow think that the "Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve" will somehow support the several hundred thousand fucktards who live in MoCo north of Rockville (myself included) when Armageddon arrives, and this justifies there being one river crossing--one capable of handling all of 600 vehicles a day!--between the American Legion Cabin John Bridge and Point of Rocks.

Not short, but I don't have time or stomach for long. My point is that these are facts of life here. Just fucking deal, assorted dirthuggers, rich cocksuckers, and immigrant-bashers of the Peoples' Republic of MoCo.

And leave some fucking parking spaces at the Shady Grove Metro after 7:30 AM, bitchez.

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