Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Bonus Post

Beloved and too-infrequently-contacted Minnesotan correspondent Swami calls me fat!'s always a thrill when I click on your link and see something new! It's kind of like seeing a whale breach: rare & spectacular, but you know there is way more meat just below the surface.

To be fair, she did note, in her own way, that she wasn't calling me fat.* That's okay. We're equally not telling you that, in the Minions yearbook, Swami is voted, every year, as most likely to get very subtly crushed by a flying house.

Very subtly, mind you. But that's a thing we've always dug about her. Seriously.

As you all know, Minions takes an Oscar Wilde view of being talked about.

*Even though she was.

Special Postscript Instructions: By the way, S, get out there and shake loose some ballots, wouldja? You know what I'm talkin' bout.


Purplestate said...

Ayup. You blog as often as Blagejovich gives $.25 cents to the panhandler on the corner.


Irish boy band?

Swami said...

I got my own tag!
I got my own tag!

Flying house season is over until next spring, Landru. Houses are all frozen to the ground now. However, maybe a giant icicle will fall. You never really know. And I thought I was calling you deep - not fat.

I was actually going to volunteer to count for Washington County's recount - but I was one day late in seeing the call for volunteers. Many people still have their Franken and Coleman lawn signs out. So far only one gay soul has put Xmas lights on his/her political sign. I like that person!

Sasha said...

Surely you could find a bag of ballots out behind the post office or something. And yeah, takes a serious insult or two to get your own tag. Good on ya.

Hamster Hamlet said...

I thought Swami was just saying that you have a cetacean-sized schlong. My bad.