Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Disaster Narrowly Averted

I hadn't commented on this yet because of the possibility that he would actually be confirmed--in which case I never would've commented, for reasons obvious to those of you who know who I am, and suspectable to those who don't know exactly--but Ba'al is great for preventing the ascension of Tom Daschle to Sec'y of HHS. The chance that Daschle would've brought about meaningful change in health care was nil.*

I think it went down like this: The Obama people are generally nice, and don't want to piss anyone off without a reason, despite their penchant for picking jaded Clintonista hacks for key posts*** and their affinity for picking asshat right-wingers for political leverage that isn't going to develop. They assume, in good faith****, that people like Daschle have the good sense to understand when they've become liabilities.

Sadly, no.

So when it became apparent to the Obama folk that the Senate was about to confirm its old butt buddy and leave our President holding his very first gratuitous and unnecessary flaming bag of dog shit, they stepped in and gently adjusted the dirty whore's attitude just a tad.

This and this***** (the word you're looking for is "pussy"******) do nothing to dampen my ardor for this theory.

Buh-bye, Senator Daschle, you painted fucking tart.

Oh, and let's just go ahead and launch a preemptive strike against the inevitable observation on my civility and objectivity from the most staunch of defenders of the clean-living, hard-working-and-honestly-dirty-handed Midwestern civility and middlingness ethic, which observation I can clearly see getting ready to pop up over the closest ridgeline to spray me with conveniently contrarian centrist attention-whore seed from its unswervingly fair-minded Firehose of Moderation: Fuck you, Purple.

* A waggle of the Satanic weenie to Whispers for a headsup on the first Greenwald post, and my gratitude to him as well for calmly and seriously considering the matter after I bludgeoned him to death with my righteous outrage about it on Saturday, peeing most ungraciously over his initial observations on a well-considered, if suboptimally timed**, comparison between media treatment of Daschle and Geithner and media treatment of Presidents who lie and start wars of aggression and suspend habeas corpus and authorize torture.

**You did say, "Run with it," dood.

***To wit.

****I concede the flaw in my theory, but while it's hard to believe that Rahm the Destroyer is capable of assuming good faith, I think he's got orders.

*****A friendly flap of the Satanic flippers to Sasha, who provided the video and Ezra links.

******"The word you're looking for is 'pussy'" meme is more likely than not the intellectual property of this guy.


Sasha said...

Those Satanic flippers are so cute!

Whispers said...

Yeah, why I had fuck-all idea about what happened to Geithner, but you may have missed that subtlety in the discussion.

I do think that Greenwald made his argument a bit more coherently than you did, but he has the advantage of being a lawyer, whilst you are just a frothing blogger***

Speaking of bloggers, our lawyer friend looked at the record of Drinky the Drunk Guy who slammed into the Whispermobile last Thursday. Let's just say he's got eight chargers pending against him even before anything was filed based on his latest misadventure. At times like this, I wish I knew Serge Storms personally.

I suppose I should blog about the fate of the poor Whispermobile at some point, but I've been a bit distracted.

Whispers said...

Wow, that comment really was incoherent.

First, map "why"->"well" in my first sentence, and "Speaking of bloggers" -> "Speaking of lawyers" at the start of the third paragraph.

Why the hell am I still up?

Purplestate said...

Nope, I was appalled that Daschle wasn't shot down sooner. Asshat. The only good thing to be said about him is that . . . well, damn. I gots nothing there. So fuck you right back, you frothing, ping-pong ball queefing blogger, THIS one you got right. I leave you with my


Kimmah said...

...and so now they're considering Bredesen? Oy.