Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things to Blog About

There's definitely shit to blog about. It's soccer season, and we finally just went ahead and went in on season tickets with this guy, since he started making scary noises about dropping his two perpetually unused tickets that have allowed me to sit behind Barra for years, mostly for free. I'm still fascinated with hockey--more in a minute. The saddest thing ever happened last night, and thanks to Kristie Tolliver, Master Assassin, and her running buddy Marissa Coleman for a great four years--it's a dreadful shame for it to end on one off night against a red-hot, well-coached team with a good game plan, but it is what it is. I have a thought-wank percolating in me about culture, which isn't a post yet because it pretty much boils down to some stunning obviousness, even though I'm pretty sure there's something profound-sounding in it somewhere.

But I'm tired and busy and work bites a dick, so I'm keeping it to a quick hockey post. Steinbog tells us about some Pennsylbama metal band and its "Crosby Sucks" anthem, and interviews the band. That's all just mildly entertaining. They want Crosby to "fall in a volcano." So do I. Commonality of interest is great. They hit their interviewing stride, though, when Steinberg asks them about their next Caps song:

Sports Bog: So what's the next Caps-related anthem?
LJ: These things just happen. It could be a "how to" guide on playing defense, sung directly to Jeff Schultz. Or maybe a verbal roadmap on getting out of skating circles
for Michael Nylander. We'll have to see...
P-rap: Probably a song about Brooks Laich beating down Walker, President of Texas.
OBM: A cover of the National Anthem, except we'll be screaming OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!' after every line.

Change "Schultz" to "Jurcina" (though I respect my fellow Caps fans who would just as soon keep as Schultz, or change it to Erskine), and that's a pretty good cover of the very few things about the Caps that make me insane.

Stay tuned. The thought-wank on comparative culture is coming. And when it's done and the mess is cleaned up, I'll turn it into something postable.


Sasha said...

I'm still just sad.

Swami said...

I live for your thought-wanks on comparative culture. Don't take overlong.