Friday, May 22, 2009

In Which We Join Forces To Curse J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams Must Die


Sasha said...

Hi Ilse. I do like your pigtails. But I don't understand why Swami got a tag and I didn't. *sob*

I think you're probably too kind to the movie and to Whispers. I suppose seeing Mr. Nimoy crushed your spirit.

BDR said...

Planet and Earthgirl thought it the best Star Trek anything ever, but they are not of the body.

BDR said...

BTW, I haven't seen it but I'm obligated to this weekend, but don't worry: haven't I always been able to hate something I'm determined to hate?

Landru said...

You, Sir, will have no difficulty with the hatin' whatsoever.

ilse said...

It wasn't just that it was a bad entry into the ST canon. It was a terrible movie.

Swami said...

Spock's mom was Wino Narrider? Lol, I shall always think of her thusly.

I just discovered this little alternate reality blogiverse you have going. Perhaps JJ Abrams inspired you more than you know, beginning before you even knew what you know now, ya know?

McCoy did suck.
I wanted Sulu to be reallytruly gay; maybe next time.
Chechov is more interesting in this movie as a 17-year-old virgin than he was in the earlier movies as a 45-year-old virgin in corset, girdle & pancake makeup.

I still grok Spock.

That Ilse can really dance.
Your bow tie is very Tucker.

|\\// <-- attempted Vulcan salute.

GrizzlyPlaytoy4Rent said...

Very cute, in an SNL News sort of way. I kept waiting for Ilse to say, "Landru, you mindless slut..."The two of you could probably land a gig trashing new flicks for some cheesy movie web site, if ever they manage to work out the voice articulation issues inherent to this cheap-ass application.

P.S. I like the dancing, Ilse.

Purplestate said...

As a long time ST fan, I enjoyed the movie. Much more on the second viewing than the first, when the inane attempt at justifying the alternate timeline was thrown cheerfully under a bus really bugged me.

I am, however, not surprised that you hated it.

When you LIKE something, do be sure to let us know. Maybe when the meteorite hits the stadium where the stanley cup is played this year. It could happen!

We missed y'all at dixie. I threw a solo to ASig and cussed out Mathias pretty good, made especially delicious because I was a substitute player for Hood, who had to step away to get the Bar-B-Q.



whispers said...

A few thoughts:

1) I thought Mama Spock looked like Winona Ryder, but it didn't really make sense. So I decided that probably wasn't true.

On the topic of Ryder, I generally think it's an effect of the Double Standard that her reputation has basically been trashed for sleeping around. I'm not saying she has range or anything like that, but weaker actors still get plenty of films, and nobody cares how many women they slept with.

2) I enjoyed the film, though I enjoyed the first 2/3 more than the last 1/3. That may be an effect of JJ Abrams. He starts well but than loses his way because he doesn't give a damn about reasonable plotting. (Lost has become a loathsome aberration of what it could have been.)

3) Don't think that Ilse can get away with doing a dance behind a TV desk. Two thumbs down from myself and Ginger. (Don't bother to bring up the fact that Ginger has no thumbs - I have two my own self. Did I day four thumbs down? No! I don't think so!)

So two thumbs and fourteen whiskers and a tail down.

Ginger just sat on my belly as a sign of her solidarity.