Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things That Annoy Me

Losing 0-5 to Mexico. Even if it was Team USA's B- team, and even though this edition of the Gold Cup doesn't count for much.

Drawing the second-worst team in MLS. Even in their stadium.

Movies that make swiss cheese out of well-constructed book plots, shredding them and raping them in the ass until it's obvious that any forthcoming movies in the franchise will be virtually unrecognizable. Not that I didn't like the movie, except for what they did to it in Peru.

The way these fucking movie things slowed down my blog's loading time to the approximate speed of tectonics. So I fixed it.

My family. Not those who live in this house, so much, though they have their moments. Parents, siblings, extensions thereof, cousins and suchlike? Oh yeah.

Seattle, both the city and its soccer team and that team's clueless douchenozzle fans, although not my good friends who live there, who are neither fans of that team nor douchenozzles. Mostly.

That thing I do, although I won't go into any detail because whatever I say, Choir Boy and his ursine pervert neighbor* will torment me with it. Not that the lack of detail will stop them. Oh, no. Not for a moment.

The fact that I have two more weeks of total scorching burnout scheduled before I get to take a freaking vacation, and those two weeks are already looking, schedule- and work-wise, freaking impossible. My social filters gave way weeks ago--as near as I can tell, in the middle of a week out of the office that was neither all play nor all work--resulting in some spectacular trainwrecks of decorum and good taste, and whatever controls keep me from doing things that result in prison are failing fast.

Anything else that annoys me that you'd like to share?

UPDATE: bDr's comment and my necessary rejoinder remind me that Max Bretos and Chris Sullivan annoy me. A lot. Also:

* I was content to leave that reference as ridiculously obscure inside baseball, but who I mean is this guy, who was, it seems, unaware that Sonia Bompastor is totally June 2009, and that my new WPS objects d'woof! are Allie Long (a Tar Heel) and Rebecca Moros (a Dookie). But that's okay, it's not like I stop by his office every day and tell him who's currently giving me a woody. It's not that I don't appreciate Ms. Bompastor. She's a tremendously nice person (seriously) and an awesome player. But I gotta be me, and sex will be where I find it. I mean, do you really think I'd turn down Ben Olsen?


GrizzlyPlaytoy4Rent said...

Look... he's wearing his boxers on the outside of his pants. Again. And this time it's the Scooby Do-themed pair. And he's lighting the wrong end of his coffin nail. And B. just declared the plans for the front page refresh null and void, after a long phone conversation with the folks downtown. Worse still, Troy Aikman is coming out of retirement to play QB for the 'Skins, our boy's favorite yummy, yummy chicken teriaki joint has gone vegetarian, and it was revealed this weekend that Sonia Bompastor is, in fact, a man. Film at 11.

Bad Draw Result said...

But Firpo, yes?

Sasha said...

I don't think I should what else annoys you. I think there is a mutual stfu pact that I would like to remain intact.

I would like to share with your readers, though, that you are much less annoyed with TSA than I am. But I'm pretty damn irritable.

That 0-5 was like watching a slow motion train wreck.


Purplestate said...

Thank god this blog is back on track. The stuff that wasn't self-indulgent vanity was REALLY getting on my nerves.


Landru said...

No doubt you mean Feerpo. Yes.

And Sasha, I've really had pretty decent TSA experiences my last two trips, including at SeaTac, where I have always had bad TSA days. Of course, that's anecdotal, and of course my experience with shorter wait times (most recently at Dulles, SeaTac, and the giant maw of slow grinding crunching airport death that is Orlando) doesn't account for massive and sheeplike changes in consumer behavior brought about by 8 years of authoritarian terrorism. Just to save you the trouble of pointing that out.

whispers said...

Have to say that Sonia's latest haircut is a bit too...boyish. But I'll give her another chance. And leave the ACC field to you, while I chuckle mordantly.