Wednesday, May 05, 2010

DCU 2-1 KC

You know where you can find the game-blogging, although he may have been too ill to watch; for the first time in memory, he bagged on a game on account of illness. Sadly, he'll have to stay away until they lose without him. He shouldn't be out for more than one more game, though.

Notes and observations, some cribbed from emails I sent to bDr during the game (either the emails were pestering/banal or he was too sick to check his email, so let's hope he's stopped hurling):

-The announced attendance of 10,038 was the biggest lie since Poland blew up one of Adolf Hitler's radio stations. If you counted everyone in the house, including the vendors and the security people, ten times, it would still be a lie. Brava and Eagles turned out at about 60-70 percent. Quiet side was damn near deserted--seriously, maybe 150 people over there.

-We both had this thought independently: KC's defense really sucked. Now, this is a team that shut United out in the season opener (which, if you think about it, isn't all that impressive). But their back line, particularly the already-moldering Jimmy Conrad and the consistently annoying Michael Harrington, was awful. Ditto the Wizards' attack, which was stymied by Jordan Graye, Rodney Wallace (on his not-at-all best night), Juan Manuel Gallardo, and Carey Fucking Talley, who one regular denizen of 232 rightly called "the best traffic cone on the pitch."

-Hamid was fine in his debut, but they'll be singing mockery at him soon enough. Wonderful control of the immediate area, with an early-Perkins-like tendency to try to control the whole square yardage of the big box. Someone will figure this out, lure him out, and mince him. Soon.

-You've heard this here and there, but Alex Prus is perhaps the dumbest referee in the league. I counted at least eight calls that he abjectly gagged on. It was a blessing that seven of them went our way; I've seen nights when the Prus Tide rolled the other way. His pocket full of cards is like a 38-year-old virgin librarian; it stays repressed for a very, very long time, but when unleashed? Run and hide. He didn't deal a card until the 50th minute, but then ticked off six of them in the last 40. Every one of them was richly deserved, as were the two straight reds he didn't give Christian Castillo (one because Castillo was too inept to finish a brutal attempt at a tackle, and one because Prus is just fucking stupid) and the three or four yellows he clearly should have dealt to various frustrated Wizards, to Bill Hamid for delay, and to Kurt Morsink for being a fucking punk. It's not that Prus is craven, in the Kevin Stott mold, or inept, in the Terry Fucking Vaughn mold; he's just fucking stupid. He misses stuff, he doesn't know what he's seeing, and like many field referees, he doesn't understand why his game is suddenly a red hair away from being out of control.

-Speaking of Kurt Morsink being a fucking punk, Kurt Morsink is a fucking punk. Since there can be only one, and he is clearly a far bigger punk than Santino, I'm sorry, I just can't complete the sentence. Okay, gritting my teeth...since Kurt Morsink is a far bigger fucking punk than Santino Quaranta, I'm going to have to start cutting Tino (who did not start) some more slack. Considerably more. But the point is that Kurt Morsink is certainly a ginormous fucking punk who needs to shut the fuck up a whole lot. My email to bDr in the 72nd minute: "I want to kill Kurt Morsink just to watch him die." I wish that, two hours later, I could say that a more zenlike Landru prevails. He doesn't.

-Kei Kamara is one of the most entertaining guys in MLS. He's a pathetic shithead and a spectacularly dim bulb, but he's damned entertaining.

-False things that Curt Onalfo now thinks are true: it's all the fault of Troy Perkins, Santino Quaranta, and Andy Najar; Kurt Morsink and Jordon Graye and Boyzzz (who wasn't bad) should continue to play; Danny Allsop and Adam Cristman aren't such bad fellows after all; and we like him.

-Finally: way to save fucking Curt Onalfo's job, asshats. I have seen my shadow, and we're in for eight more weeks of Curt Fucking Onalfo. Hurry back, bDr.

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BDR said...

Perhaps it was the fever, but I though Prus did an OK job, though considering who he gets compared to, it'd be difficult for him to suck more.

I mean, you try to go more than five minutes of a game without straight redding Kurt Fucking Morsink.