Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meanwhile, On Other Peoples' Blogs

I suspect that very few of you are following the fussin' and feudin' over at Scienceblogs, where Orac is whimpering impotently and PZ has gone on strike and a crapload of people, most of whom I've never read, are leaving, and that fewer of you care (assuming that "fewer" is even a valid mathematical concept in this instance). In a nutshell, Seed Media sort of fucked all of the Sb crowd by starting a nutrition blog written by PepsiCo, and apparently none of the Sb bloggers have seen paychecks (wotta blogging concept, but then, I don't pretend to significance) since spring.

I've altered the sidebar link for Orac, who is for me a daily read, to his permalink, in case he bolts. And I only go to PZ when someone tells me there's something special there.

I know that most of you don't give a fuck about the Science section, and that at least one of you actively dislikes Orac and another thinks PZ is an ass. Kiss the cow, whatever. You know the sidebar substitutes for my favorites list, or for a private online links list, though it's poorly maintained at best.

Anyway, just wanted to share a little, and knock down yesterday's spittlefest directed at my still-beloved BFF.


whispers said...

I had followed the Pepsi debacle, but thought that Science Blogs had eventually done the right thing. But now people are leaving anyway?

As one of the departed says: where else to go? At its worst, SB is light years beyond HuffPost.

I think some of the departing bloggers are being hyper-sensitive. They think that ScienceBlogs cannot possibly recover from the "ethical lapse" of having a PepsiCo blog. From my perspective, exactly the opposite happened. ScienceBlogs demonstrated that its bloggers were not going to tolerate corporatist nonsense. And yet, on the heels of what should be a victory, the bloggers are all acting like they shouldn't have to fight at all.

They are coming across as temperamental divas.

How do you lose when you have the best cards? You fold.

Sasha said...

As a person with a long personal history with unionization and strikes, they aren't very good at it.