Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No, Seriously, Matt Reis Looks Like An Uncircumsised Penis

Remember? Ilse said it? I couldn't find a pic? Ultraloyal minion Goth says, "No problem, kemosabe1."

This is Matt's fully erect state.
Ginormous gobs of gratitude to Goth, who had to sit through his two favorite teams playing a NCAA regional final on Friday night, and is now pretending he doesn't really like the one that won. Or, for that matter, the one that didn't. Goth is a fan in the finest Terps tradition, and we salute him.

1Goth means it this way, of course:

 Far Side copyright Gary Larson and used without permission, but if the man actually gives a shit, I'll take it down and link to somewhere else that used it improperly.

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Gothmog said...

It was the regional semis, but the dilemma was still the same. I think the NCAA purposefully put all the teams that I like into one region, and all the teams that I hate into another, just to mess with my brain. It's the only way that I can make any sense of the seedings and brackets, so it must be true. QED.

Not unrelated, the word verification thingy is telling me "yosad." I'm sad indeed.

Oh, and? welcome.