Saturday, April 16, 2011

It Seems To Work When We Bitch

Brief notes on DCU's 3-0 visit to Toronto's BMO Field. Find your own game story link.

The game aired on Fox Soccer, and the announcers are completely effing retarded. Early stupid comments, before I got distracted by a tornado warning:

Fredsux and Tino give Saint Benny depth on the right wing. Uhm, try again. Fredsux and Tino give Saint Benny suck on the right wing, and Najar is looking like a sophomore (apparently one who was french-kissing Perry Kitchen a whole lot, because he's ill tonight).

DCU is 1-0-0 when scoring first.'s one game. And it has little to do with anything when your back line suhhhhhhhcks. Fortunately for DCU tonight, TFC's sucks worse.

Jacob Peterson doesn't look comfortable at right back. Uhm...that's because he's an attacker, you fucking mongoloids. It's also nontrivial that he's a former wunderkind gone bad.

Is that Barra Brava or the Screaming Eagles up there? Oh, there's a guy in a Barra shirt. It's Barra!'s both, you fuckwits. They both travel, there's a new Barra splinter group called Ultras, and they're probably there too. We don't get separate seating at enemy venues. Retards.

I stopped tracking after that. The stupid, it burns.

You probably haven't heard this here before, but Dax McCarty sucks. He just completely fucking sucks, and it's galling that he's our fucking captain. He has no touch, his set pieces blow, he attacks the ball on defense but waits for it on offense. He's a greasy, whining, ineffectual ginger daywalker freakazoid, and he can't go away fast enough.

Charlie Davies, who is presently writhing on the ground in the TFC area as time runs out, is a bitch. He's just a little bitch. He dives, he pushes with two hands and whines when he gets whistled for it, he's just a little bitch. That said: our bitch.

Nice to see Pontius show up for the first time since his freshman year.

TFC has some issues--I thought they were supposed to be pretty good, but with no DeRo and no Chad Barrett, they're not very threatening. Empty seats in BMO--lots of them. Shameful. I can only conclude that Toronto is populated by pussies. Of course, as always...good thing they suck.

Also: they have Bud commercials on the sideboards. That's just lame. You have your own Canadian piss, you need to pimp ours?

That's all the thinking--and energy--I got.

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