Monday, May 02, 2011

We Can Has Normal Now?

I may be a lonely minority of one here, and that's okay. I can't remember anything like such an unbridled orgy of bloodlust over the death of a human being. It's kinda disturbing.

Obviously, this means that the PATRIOT Act will be repealed, the troops will come home (except for going all Vaarsuvius on the entire Gadhafi family bloodline, or whatever the fuck they're doing in the Gulf of Sidra), all the people in Gitmo will receive criminal trials, TSA will back the fuck up, and all the people who hate America suddenly don't, because they were having their minds controlled by that guy the SEALs killed.


Don't get me wrong. The evidence is pretty clear that the guy was a bad human being. Assuming he's entitled all the credit he's given, it's still a wimpy little body count, compared to all-time great monsters like Hitler and Stalin and Mao, who all tallied in the tens of millions (and I make this morbid comparison only because of the reaction). This guy was responsible, if we accept the reasoning, for mere thousands, the perspective exponentialized by American exceptionalism. He's really more in the...well, in the George Washington range of terrorism, ne c'est pas? Still and all, greater than one, and we sometimes kill, judicially, for that. To be explicit: I got no argument with the fact of the killing.

Let's not even talk about the burial at sea. I'll be laughing too hard to type. Sure, sure, no martyr's gravesite. body, either, for all our President's carefully selected language, and for all...seriously? You dumped the body in the ocean before you showed it to anybody? People seriously think Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive, people believe aliens came to Roswell, and you dumped the fucking body in the ocean before you showed it to anybody so you could avoid an inconvenient gravesite and say, strictly within the limits of truth, that you respected Islamic tradition with a fast burial (consisting of, hypothetically, dropping the remains from a C-130 from 10,000 feet)? Who manages this shit, a cabal of fucking sophist 12-year-olds? I mean, are those who hate us going to hate us any less than if you actually pissed on the body?

Look at the dancing in Lafayette Park, on the remains of Pennsylvania Avenue (credit where due--the remains of Pennsylvania Avenue are on Tim McVeigh and Bill Clinton). Then tell me again how about the theory that (a) we're a Christian country; and (b) that's a good thing. This death of a man, however justified by his actions, doesn't return any of what our own government used him as the excuse to steal from us. Not for one fucking second. And we dance. We dance.


Lisa Simeone said...

The triumphalism and high-fiving going on all over the country, even on ostensibly leftwing blogs, are sickening. This country is so screwed up.

Ghostwheel said...

Our government, especially the military-intelligence wing, has zero credits for trustworthiness.

Who’s to say this isn’t some kind of PsyOp, like the staged Jessica Lynch rescue or the orchestrated toppling of Saddam’s statue? Then there’s lying about Pat Tillman’s pointless death from friendly fire and the infamous Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Is Osama Bin Laden really dead? It all boils down to whether you trust the White House and the Pentagon. I don't, and find it a puzzlement that anybody still does.

Now the Guardian UK newspaper is saying his body has been buried at sea. How convenient.

And yes, Lisa, the triumphalist high-fiving is absolutely disgusting.

Jack Crow said...


This is normal, now - no?


It doesn't matter if Bin Laden is dead. I mean, he really probably is - and Bammy will produce pictures at the first trufer doubt coming from a Republican opponent - but it doesn't matter.

Shitwits raised on jingo and jeebus (or tolerance and progress, for that matter) want to believe. So they will.

ilse said...

And sometimes people wonder why I married you. One good reason is because of these regular and consistent "get out of my brain" moments.

Verification word: toxie!

Sasha said...

So the Forever War is over, right?

(And Mr. Obama's smart as hell. Also, the operation never leaked. Which speaks well for a lot of folks)

No, not one.

(And for the conspiracy theorist(s), the DNA test came back. Because the Smart People knew you would ask.)

Jim H. said...

Thanks for this. Moral compass still functioning? Check.

I used the example of Achilles dragging the body of Hector behind his chariot around the walls of Troy as ur-example of same. It's no different. As with triumphalist 'phone vid' of Saddam's hanging and the pics of Ude and Uwe, his sons, we'll soon get the pics of OBL. But only b/c the pigs demand it.

For myself, I wonder how BHO could deliver that line to Trump about losing sleep over the decision to fire Gary Busey so light-heartedly. That, in hindsight, was some shit!

Sasha said...

Oh, that burial at sea thing? Wasn't for the people who hate us. It was for the ones who don't.

And what difference does a body or photos make? The deathers won't believe any damn thing. Did you forget that the president is still a negro?

Steven said...

Having recently experiencing the loss of my son, COlin, I find the celebration of death...even bin Laden' be as inhuman as one can possibly be. The death of another human being should make us pause and reflect, not party like drunken fools.