Saturday, June 25, 2011

Esta Futbol Sabado Gigantico!

Huge futbol day, with DCU seeing if it can lose to Houston by slightly less at home than it did in an embarrassment of a game at Reliant earlier in the season. The good news here is that Houston seems to have shot its wad in that game. The bad news is that Daniel Woolard and Chris Korb still play for us.

The bigger futbol thing is tonight's Gold Cup final in the Rose Bowl between the US and Mexico. Everjingo newsies are desperate to find hope for the good guys here, but this awesome discussion over at Fullback, in which I offer to sacrifice a cute furry bunny for national glory, is more telling. We're gonna get cheesed. Cheesed, I tell you.

Of course, bunny sacrifice can be dangerous in its own right.

Not the bunny I plan to sacrifice.

A better choice, perhaps. Besides, the woman looks vaguely Mexican.


Sasha said...

The tattoo on the bunny? Rescued from Auschwitz?

whispers said...

Magneto Hare!