Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gratuitous Bump

I take little joy in writing about anything other than futbol these days, though I'll likely write about football as well, once it gets started. I can no longer manage a semblance of coherence about politics; very little makes sense to me, and my rage is too diffusely targeted to be coherent, entertaining, or relevant. Bunnies are fun, but it's a limiting medium. Honestly, I do my best work in comments any more.

Banal state-of-being news: School starts tomorrow for the rest of the family, despite earthquakes and tropical storms. No damage here from either, and the power was out for only 12 hours; torture for a CPAP user and his spouse, but hardly waterboarding quality. Boy enters grade 8; Bam enters middle school, a transition more transitional that we're used to. Orientation for sixth grade did not welcome special ones, and Bam's faux daddy had to go pick him up, getting abused by an idiotic school administration in the process. Uhm...they sent a letter about sixth-grade orientation, and the bus came for him--the bus that picks him up at the end of our driveway, rather than down at the corner where the purported normals go. I'm not sure how I'm the offender here; I managed not to introduce the administrator's mongoloidism as a conversational topic, and I didn't even explicitly mention the ADA. I met Bam's teacher, and she seems a good egg, so it might be okay. For his part, Bam was unimpressed. There may have been some flapping, and there was certainly a demand for a Nutrigrain bar. Correlation, as always, does not equal causation.

Ilse also starts at a new school, though she's been in her preservice week for...well, a week. Her school is the newest in the county. Their mascot is an animal totem for prostitution. Their school color is Carolina Blue. I know, I repeat myself. Shazam! (Hi Jim).

New add to your right: Susan of Texas. She entertains me sometimes, and she can pick apart McMegan without concern trolls becoming concerned, since she's presumptively, y'know, a chick. They're incapable of sexism, I hear. Also: it appears that Susan may be a teacher, and we like them. Also: some folks in Bloggityville don't like her, which amuses me.

In truth, I'm just sick of having to click through to her from BFF's place.


Sasha said...

Their mascot is a rat? A soft cat? A lizard? Coyotes no doubt... If I ran a high school I'd want the mascot to be an asp.

Sasha said...

Also. I can't find Susan of Texas. Time for the home?