Saturday, September 10, 2011

All The Nod This Shit Is Getting From Me

There's nearly as much noise about what a pile of shit the 911gasm is as the 911gasm is making itself. Nearly, but different in tenor and still only nearly in quantity. A little while ago (as I write this), United's number 9, Charlie Davies, scored in the 11th minute of a soccer game. Talkybobbleheads went wild for this bit of insignificant random numerology.

Think for a second about how fucked up in the head someone, individually or collectively, has to be to write this:
ON THE 10TH anniversary of al-Qaeda’s attack on New York and Washington, the conventional wisdom seems to be evolving from “We will be hit again” to “Osama bin Laden won by provoking us into a decade of overreaction.”

The feeling is understandable but incorrect, and it would be dangerous if it took hold.
That is a serious contender for the most fucking abysmally retarded thing I've ever read (h/t to Thunder, who linked to this gem of YFWP swill in BFF's comments).

I've never thought that 3,000 people senselessly killed in one day by wackaloons was or is a good thing, and anyone who thinks that the people--American or not--killed in the wars since constitute a good thing is dangerously fucking insane. Apparently, Fred Hiatt disagrees. I'm not going to get all chesty about that part, pretend I'm better because even I can do the pretty simple fucking math here. Nobody of sense or humanity wants fellow citizens murdered. Nobody of sense or humanity wants anyone to die prematurely or needlessly (and I'm not even up for the mental gymnastics of contextifying "needlessly" here). And nobody of sense or humanity could possibly contort the incredibly senseless changes in our national mindset since that day into a good thing, by any measure or in any context. It fails every test of logic, every test of truth, every test of rationality. That's a part I can get chesty about.

But apparently, Fred Hiatt differs, and he thinks I'm wrong. That's why I now call on the President of the United States to use his extraordinary powers--granted by Congress in the past 10 years--to shut Fred Hiatt and Your Fucking Washington Post the fucking fuck up. I'd personally consider that to be an isolated good outcome of 9/11.

Best wishes to you and yours for weathering the next 24 hours; for my part, I dread the afternoon's football games, and the mute button is likely. If you or someone you love lost someone that you or they loved on 9/11, or in the wars we spawned in its name, I am terribly sorry for that, and I respect your right to remember your loss, or theirs, as you see fit. But anyone who tells me that 9/11, or the changes since, are a good thing, and sneers that I'm wrong for thinking otherwise, is certainly a fit motherfucker to be punched.


Randal Graves said...

Sir, the only quibble is have is in regards to the mute button. Given the awful awfulness of today's talking hairpieces masquerading as play-by-play and color, wouldn't a truly humane person already have the mute button on, nineleven or no?

Do it for your loved ones, do it for yourself, America.

Landru said...

Can't argue. The truth of that is that we usually watch Red Zone, because everyone who lives or hangs here on Sunday has some measure of attention deficit disorder. I mean on top of the varying degrees of Aspergers.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Saw your comment over at the War Criminal Post, Landru.

Landru wrote:

This is one of the most staggeringly mendacious opinion pieces I have ever read. For shame, Mr. Hiatt. For shame.

9/10/2011 11:41:34 PM EDT


Sasha said...

If y'all hold Hiatt down I'll pull out his tongue and fingernails.

Jonathan Versen said...

Fred Hiatt hates you for your freedom. I imagine you know this, but it had to be said.

Colin's Daddy said...

As someone who knows a little something about the unfairness of death and the sickness in which some people think the deaths from the post-911 wars are a good thing, ummm, they should shoot me an email and let me share a few tidbits of rationality with them.

My word was "Waings"?!? I feel like a I just spoke about my penis in appalachiaslang...I gottsda drains my waings befur NASCAR

BDR said...

When did you tagline this blog with a Handy Rardy allusion? This is recent, yes?

fish said...

But anyone who tells me that 9/11, or the changes since, are a good thing, and sneers that I'm wrong for thinking otherwise, is certainly a fit motherfucker to be punched.

I will only concede this point if you let me help.