Saturday, September 03, 2011

Maintenance and Boredom

I added more folks to the blogroll to the right, which remains really not so much a blogroll as a navigation tool. Some of them are clearly people who should've been there for some while; one is restored to grace for no reason other than that he is; some are habits or curiosities I've recently acquired. No endorsement of views implied or expressed.

Ilse wants you all to know that she feels really dirty for wearing a Carolina blue shirt to school yesterday.  She also wants you to know that the pep rally was excruciating. And I've made her very uncomfortable about the little blue paw totem that rides over her left breast. She did make the cunning fashion choice of selecting only a white polo trimmed with the hated blue, for which I salute her good sense. I'm still wearing only a t-shirt from her last school (which I bought because her theatre kids harangued me into it).

She actually doesn't want you to know any of those things, but I'm really just a total fucking dick that way. And frankly, I'm kinda bored.

Justice was done in the end; her little blue coyote totem school lost to their archrivals (who are, I must admit, far more more worthy of derision), and my big blue condom school beat an ancient enemy, big-time. Sadly, the school in the front yard won, too. I know, because we can clearly hear the play-by-play over their PA system (the football field is quite seriously about 500 yards from our front door).

BFF wants you to know that he feels that his contribution to civilization is insignificant, so he's going to try to shut up for the weekend. I note that it's raining and he can't disk. But I counternote that he's entering the most horrible time of his year, so maybe...just maybe he'll meet his goal. Much more of this and I think we'll undertake a pledge drive.

No futbol, but Labor Day is a big football deal here, with two fantasy football drafts. I will not bore you with further detail except to note that Sasha (who needs to post something, anything, to sort out her RSS feed) and Whispers (who is the ancient Labor Day enemy) will be in attendance, and if we eat anything so yummy that I need to gloat about it, you'll be the first to know.


Sasha said...

As requested. You're welcome. But how come I didn't get a label???

Landru said...

Because if I give one to you, I have to give one to everyone.

Sasha said...

Since when?