Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Remind Me

Why I support this futbol team. Our protected list for the upcoming expansion draft, says Goff:

Charlie Davies
Dwayne DeRosario
Dejan Jakovic
Perry Kitchen
Chris Korb
Brandon McDonald
Chris Pontius
Clyde Simms
Joe Willis
Josh Wolff
Daniel Woolard

This imparts some information we needed to know. Foremost, that this team is managed by complete fucking mongoloids. We protected the useless diving pussy Charlie Davies instead of daring the brand-new Froggyfucks to take him? Holy shit, that's utterly bereft of intelligence or character. Chris Korb, the latest in a series of useless midgets? Slow, stupid, Daniel Fucking Woolard, a reject of the fucking Chicago Fire? This what Kevin Payne and Benny Olsen think is the right and left sides of your future defense, wherever it may play.

After the decision to protect Davies, the most mindboggling choice for protection is Clyde Simms. It is very clear to anyone who set foot in RFK Stadium this season, save perhaps Clyde himself, that Clyde's toast. This is sad. Clyde's been an anchor for us. But he's done done done, a perfect example of a player who needs to be exposed to the draft.

It's excusable that the club left Boskovic unprotected. His salary and knee combine to make his selection very unlikely. But we're going to lose either Brettschneider or Quaranta, both of whom are far more useful than tiny ineffectual Chris Korb or slow, stupid Daniel Fucking Woolard, who shines as the worst free agent acquisition by this club since...uhm, Joseph Ngwenya. Here's the thing; Ngwenya doesn't play. Saint Benny seems convinced that Woolard is a starting left back (or, when injuries and malice overtake us, a starting center back).

Are there valid criticisms of Brettschneider and Quaranta? Of course there are. You know I despise Quaranta, and despise that he's so rooted in our club's culture. Brettschneider's no great huge hairy deal--he's young and probably a little too aggressive for his own good, but he's a lot more promising than that diving poisonous punk Charlie Davies.

Fucking disgrace.

Update: Fullback agrees, which is totally expected since he started the discussion a couple of weeks ago and essentially steered me to my position (though I'd never have backed protecting Davies, Korb, or Woolard independent of other intellectual influences, since my feelings about all three are pretty visceral).


Colin's Daddy said...

The cheerleaders? Oh wait, they don't have any. Sorry, that was all I had to try to justify why you support them. I figured with so many pussies on the pitch that they had to have cheerleaders.

Randal Graves said...

Diver not down?