Sunday, March 25, 2012

DCU 0-0 Vancouver

Quick hits, it's late:

-Much, much better in the second half, best movement and control of the short season so far. Too bad Joe Cannon shits golden horseshoes.

-I'm deeply concerned about Saint Benny's squad selection and man management. Benching Boskovic is deeply questionable. Benching Pontius is inept. Subbing out Salihi for Josh Wolff is beyond questionable, especially since Salihi just seemed to be getting going, and United seemed to be settling into attacking control at that point.

-Kevin Stott gave us a short vacation from him being an asshole when we first let Saint Jaime trundle off into that good night. It was before Saint Benny was our coach. Stott's back, and he's a rancid turd. There are so many awful MLS referees that I'm not even sure Stott's in the top five any more, but he is truly violently inconsistent. At least he no longer manifests a demonstrable hatred of the Black and Red--his ineptitude was reasonably well spread out.

-Awesome. Sebastien Fucking LeToux is a Whitecap. Shitbird.

-Eric Hassli is 76 inches and 240 pounds of whining, diving trash.

-I get the impression that Martin Rennie is the concentrated essence of every person you've ever wanted to punch.

-Marcelo Saragosa and Danny Cruz are punkass bitches. It will take me a while to settle into the notion that they are punkass bitches in Black and Red.

-Maicon Santos is fucking useless.

-John Harkes--who is inscribed on United's Wall of Fame, or whatever the fuck we call it--is a completely fucking inept commentator. I lost count of the number of times he spewed some nonsense, then directly contradicted it three minutes later. Tony Limarzi is a pleasant non-entity (in English--I don't understand him in Spanish on the radio, but the game sounds more exciting in Spanish anyway). Davey Johnson can't return fast enough. Sadly, we're done with The Bowtie, who is off coaching the national team of Fiji or some such shit.

-Also, I keep getting it wrong--Harkes fucked Wynalda's wife, not the other way around. It takes a pretty shitty human to make Eric Wynalda look good.

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